New Manufactured Homes

In today’s economy, many are looking to downsize due to changes in job conditions and family structures. And young couples just starting out may desire to invest in a home that is better suited to their budget. Empty nesters may want less to maintain.

New Manufactured Homes

Many no longer feel they must have a big house with all the amenities. That’s why a manufactured home is the choice of singles and couples who are looking to invest their money more wisely.

Oklahoma Manufactured homes are available in a wide price range with many options to choose from.

Check out some of our other home options below:

Single Wides

Singlewides are affordable and can be the right fit for your budget and the size of your family.

Double Wides

Double-wides are spacious and will be comfortable for smaller and even larger families.

Mobile Homes

Most generally, a mobile home will cost less than a site built home of equal size—even 15% to 20% less.

Park Models

Perfect for that lake house, cabin or vacation home!